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i’ve got big boluses and i cannot lie

Oh. My. Gawd. Janice is wreaking havoc on Madeline’s body. Puberty’s effect on a diabetic is no joke, people.

The carb ratio is now 1:5.  That’s 1 unit of insulin for every 5 carbs eaten. So basically we’ve reached the point where there are no more “free” foods. Plus, I find myself padding the carb total by about 20% when the carb source comes from grains. So while the packaging may say that the oat and flax wrap has only 11 carbs, we bolus for 14.

The correction factor is now 1:11. So she needs 1 unit of insulin to reduce her glucose level by a whopping 11 points.

The basal program delivers a range of insulin depending on the time of day; it’s set to provide between 2.0 to 3.2 units of insulin every hour just to keep her glucose level in check.

I was scrolling through total daily dose data for the last week:  114 units, 120 units, 132 units, 97 units, 133 units, 110 units, and 144 units. I try to ignore the ugly fact that these doses are plenty enough to kill a person.

I’m constantly second guessing the amount of a bolus or a basal rate, but time and again I learn that yes, she really needs that much insulin.  Even with the aggressive approach, though, the Verio Sync data indicates that Madeline’s BG has been in range only 54% of the time over the past 90 days. 40% high… ugh.


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