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We scored a new gadget this past week: the Verio Sync meter from OneTouch.


Unlike its sister, the Verio IQ, the Sync shares its data with a free mobile app called OneTouch Reveal, which becomes the platform for entering as much, or as little, detail as desired. Its a simple process to pair the meter and the app using Bluetooth, and afterward, uploading the meter data to the app is a breeze.

Although I’m still learing how to use the meter and app to the fullest capacity, here are the features I find beneficial so far:

  • visually appealing summary page, which outlines today’s data and trends
  • customized BG range settings, which are used to track BG trends
  • alert feature when BG patterns are detected
  • customized data tags for meal time, carb intake, carb intake, insulin dosing, and exercise
  • customized note feature that then stays in the tag list for future selection (say… “administered 10u glucagon” and “vomited x1″– yes, it was that kind of night at our house last night)
  • graphs formatted by meal tag or time of day
  • lighted test trip port for easier use in dark conditions
  • USB charging
  • USB data transfer to OneTouch software
  • easy process for sharing data with health care providers via email or text
  • use of Verio test strips, which use a ridiculously small amount of blood and load the sample from the side of the strip

Currently, OneTouch is offering a discount on its website.  It’s inexpensive and worth a try!


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