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the audience

Ever since Madeline was diagnosed, she’s been ultra sensitive to people knowing that she has diabetes. She has balked many a time at being tested and given insulin in the presence of others. While I’ve tried to be sensitive to her feelings and respect her request for privacy, I’ve also been discussing with her the … Continue reading


I made a mistake last night. A big one. I made a selfish decision. Though I thought it was in Madeline’s best interest, I realized later that this was not the truth. The makings of this selfish decision actually started earlier in the week. Madeline and her sister Sophia brought home a flyer announcing a … Continue reading

for my children

For the love notes you write me every day, leaving them folded up awkwardly on the table or stuck to the wall For the sweet sound of your belly laugh For your quick wit For your rose-smelling ways For your generous spirit For your intensity For your awareness of things that extend beyond your world … Continue reading

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