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In the past two days, the Diabetes Shit-Storm has been relentless. It started at lunchtime on Wednesday, when I (kinda-temporarily) forgot to give Madeline insulin to cover her lunch on Wednesday. Oh-yes-I-did. No excuses, and only one explanation: I’m a moron. Later that evening, a misery-inducing flu virus hit the two of us head-on. This, … Continue reading

welcome, hazel

Hope has arrived at my doorstep. Many of you know her as the Animas Ping, though Madeline has named her Hazel. She is Maddy’s new insulin pump. The process of obtaining Hazel was lengthier than I had expected. Delayed by staff vacations and insurance company hemming-and-hawing, her arrival seemed a million days off. And… a … Continue reading

on health (part two)

If you read my previous post on health (on health, part one), you may have detected a theme: control, control, control. In so many ways the courses of our lives are affected by factors outside our control or influence (not always a bad thing!), but we still have choices. My choices are within my control.  … Continue reading

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