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stupid is as stupid does

When becoming an artificial pancreas, it’s certainly recognized that there is a learning curve. Mine has felt quite steep and has been wrought with errors. I’ve tried to be easy on myself when making errors, though my default setting is relentless frustration. Most of my errors have been ones that have not put Madeline in … Continue reading

madeline’s 30 things

It’s Invisible Illness Awareness Week, and as part of that effort, people living with an invisible illness are being encouraged to share “30 Things” about living with the illness that others may not know. So, here it goes… 1. The illness Madeline (and we) live with is: Type 1 Diabetes 2. She was diagnosed with … Continue reading

got angry?

I have found myself struggling with an emotion that has come to collect its due. It’s anger. I lost my mother to a rare form of pancreatic cancer just about two years ago. In the time that she fell sick, fought the disease, and died from it, I made a very conscious commitment to myself … Continue reading

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