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top 10, take two

my top 10 things that I appreciate about diabetes 10.  having a legitimate an excuse to buy excellent girly accessories (okay, so Madeline won’t wear most of them, but a girl can try, right?) 9a.  our visits to the pediatric endocrinologist at our children’s hospital every three months give me a reason to take a … Continue reading

top 10

my top 10 things despised about diabetes… 10.  the food industry’s—and therefore society’s belief—that chemically-laden, “sugar free” foods are  better for people with diabetes 9.  the general public’s misconceptions and misunderstandings about the causes of and treatments for T1 8.  the pain… of finger pricks 10 times per day, of infusion set changes, of the … Continue reading

hard things

Madeline is struggling. There’s T1, and then there’s a significant sensory processing disorder. She hates her body. She feels betrayed. Many times she has asked me “Why did these things happen to me?” Her perception is that no one else in her world—and therefore, no one else—struggles with these challenges. She feels different, damaged, inhibited. … Continue reading

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