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rule breaker

I’m doing some things with Madeline’s diabetes management that I should not be doing. Owning up is a little risky. People know that what I write here is not intended to be perceived as medical advice, and yet, we in the Diabetes Online Community rely on each other’s been-there-done-that perspective on a wide variety of … Continue reading

tech wishes

Over the time that Madeline has had T1, I have found myself slowly accumulating a wish list of technological interventions that would make my life easier as her Chief Pancreatic Officer. Yesterday was the perfect storm, a convergence of circumstances that provided real-time justifications for the kinds of tech wishes on my list. Now, perhaps … Continue reading

hello summer

In our world, summertime makes diabetes management so much easier. I’m extremely fortunate to work for a school, which means that I’m off from work when my kids are out of school. Our summer break started last Friday. Summer means a drastic change in schedule. We sleep a bit later, stay up a lot later, … Continue reading

the importance of friendship

This post perfectly describes what I hope happens for Maddy as she grows up through the years. Thank you, Moira McCarthy, for sharing this.

guess again

If I’m lucky, Madeline’s insulin program works effectively for about eight days, nine days tops. About three weeks ago, her BG was in the stratosphere, day in, day out. 356. Correction. 325. Correction. 298. Correction. 313. Correction, infusion set change. 246. Correction. Overnight, it was a horror show, starring Bleary-Eyed-Mommy, Who Tries to Make a … Continue reading

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