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hello summer

In our world, summertime makes diabetes management so much easier. I’m extremely fortunate to work for a school, which means that I’m off from work when my kids are out of school. Our summer break started last Friday.

Summer means a drastic change in schedule. We sleep a bit later, stay up a lot later, get plenty of physical activity, travel a lot for daytrips and for my son’s sports schedule, and eat better but in a grazing manner. Under typical circumstances, changes in schedule impact the regulation of Madeline’s blood glucose levels in negative and frustrating ways. In the summer, though, the havoc stemming from schedule changes are wholly positive. For Madeline, the stabilizing force of her summertime lifestyle is simply astonishing. We’ve been out of school only one week, and already her glucose numbers are more frequently within target range. She’s having fewer stubborn highs and relentless lows, which means that her insulin dosing program is less complicated and more effective.

Wanna see? Numbers from yesterday:  76, 74, 123, 135, 82, 163, 331 (post set-change—we always get highs after this), 159, 130. Not quite a One Hit Wonder day, but we will take it.

Did I mention how much I love summer?



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I am… a mother of 3 spectacular children. A wife of an architect extraordinaire. An MSW. A psychologist in an elementary school. A (wishful) writer. A protector of family and spirit. A worshipper of the natural world. A seeker of knowledge. A lover of the arts. An introvert. A silver-lining kind of girl.


One thought on “hello summer

  1. beautiful string of numbers. i want that!

    Posted by Katy | 07/10/2012, 4:42 pm

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