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WEGO Health’s National Health Blog Month: November 6

November 6: (Light-Hearted but True) News-style Post

School lunch causes rogue blood glucose crisis for NH girl

A school lunch was responsible for the dangerously high blood glucose level of a New Hampshire girl with Type 1 Diabetes today.

Eight-year-old Madeline Queen ate a hot lunch consisting of ham, French toast sticks, syrup, and milk today at school, like countless other children. Although Madeline has Type 1 Diabetes, she is able to eat all kinds of foods as long as she has insulin to help her body process the carbohydrates. Knowing the lunch menu, her mother Heather prepared by refilling the insulin cartridge in Madeline’s insulin pump before sending her to school. Before lunch, the school nurse consulted with Heather about the likely carbohydrate count of the syrup, as both suspected that the food’s producer had underestimated the carb content on packaging.

“We know that food like this can wreak havoc on Madeline’s glucose levels, so we wanted to be prepared. I did not want to tell Madeline she could not have this lunch, because she wants so much to be like all her friends,” said Heather.

Three hours after Madeline’s lunchtime bolus, her BG was tested in preparation for school dismissal and the bus ride home. Despite the history of wonky glucose levels after the French toast stick lunch, Madeline’s nurse was astonished to read 478 on the glucometer. Despite a correction bolus, Madeline’s BG had risen to 549 only 15 minutes later.

“There was no way I was going to let Madeline ride the bus home to the sitter’s house,” reported the school nurse. Instead, Heather was contacted, and Madeline’s sitter went to the school to pick her up and wait out the high BG. “We were worried that Maddy would have an upset stomach or ketones,” the sitter said. “But, she seemed content as we waited for the number to drop.”

Fifteen minutes later, the BG dropped to 440, ensuring that the infusion set was functioning. Madeline went to the sitter’s house and played outside until her mother arrived. “I’m shocked that her BG went so high,” said Heather. “We took the necessary precautions to make sure the carbs were covered. We must be missing something here.”

Fortunately, this story ends well. Heather reported that Madeline’s BG had dropped to 120 within two hours after the correction bolus was given. Still, the team will work to figure out what can be done to avoid a repeat of this scenario the next time French toast sticks are on the lunch menu.

“This is just a normal day in the life of a person with Type 1 Diabetes,” commented Heather.


About Heather Garcia Queen

I am… a mother of 3 spectacular children. A wife of an architect extraordinaire. An MSW. A psychologist in an elementary school. A (wishful) writer. A protector of family and spirit. A worshipper of the natural world. A seeker of knowledge. A lover of the arts. An introvert. A silver-lining kind of girl.


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