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November 12: Your favorite gadget or device

We have a lot of gadgets to help us manage T1D with a little more ease and precision. Hands down, Madeline’s insulin pump, an Animas Ping named Hazel, is the most technologically advanced and most important tool we use. Even though we continue to struggle with glucose regulation, our success rate vastly improved the day we started using Hazel. Still, though, for all her excellence and helpfulness, Hazel leaves much to be desired from a user-friendly point of view. In fact, my list of grievances with the “little things” this pump lacks grows frequently, and I am counting down the next three years until we can upgrade to a new pump (our insurance will pay for one once every four years).

I’m hardly a technological wizard, but being an iPhone user, I know what I like. Hazel comes with a One Touch meter remote, which is jazzy in the sense that I can bolus Madeline without ever touching her pump (read: interrupting her play or disturbing her sleep). But the meter part of that device? Meh. In fact, Yuck. I really hate the thing.

So… a few months back I received a $45-off coupon for the new One Touch Verio IQ glucometer. I had difficulty finding the meter in our local pharmacies and department stores until about two weeks ago, when I finally got lucky at Target. I scored the meter for less than $20.

This thing is a work of art, if you ask me. Sleek, slim, and comfortable to hold. A bright display with a light focused on the location where the blood sample enters the strip means that I no longer need to hold a lantern by its handle with my teeth to light Madeline’s fingers when testing her or reading results in the middle of the night. The blood sample needed is tiny, allowing the “poke” to be less impactful on her skin. When the sample is read, the Verio IQ prompts me to enter a simple information tag of “before meal” or “after meal,” which, along with tagging the time the reading is taken, is used to tabulate basic trends in her glucose levels. It tells me when there is a persistent pattern of high or low glucose readings at a given time of day. The meter has a USB charger, to boot.

I love this thing!


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I am… a mother of 3 spectacular children. A wife of an architect extraordinaire. An MSW. A psychologist in an elementary school. A (wishful) writer. A protector of family and spirit. A worshipper of the natural world. A seeker of knowledge. A lover of the arts. An introvert. A silver-lining kind of girl.


One thought on “WEGO Health’s National Health Blog Post Month

  1. We love the VerioIQ too! The headlight, the crisp, bright screen, the tiny-tiny amount of blood it requires. LOVE The tracking patterns part I haven’t found very useful yet. It seems to mostly notice when we get two lows or highs in a row, often when we are rechecking a low post-candy or rechecking a high after washing suspected sugar off of hands. But even those warnings are kind of endearing.

    The sales rep who gave us our VerioIQ this summer said that in Europe the VerioIQ *is* the Animas Ping remote. Can you imagine this paradise?

    Posted by Katy | 11/12/2012, 8:47 pm

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