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fun-killer, take two

Two years into this journey, Madeline has gone through many emotions and thoughts regarding the impact of T1D on her life. If you ask me, her body image issues top the list of current concerns. If you ask her, however, she will tell you that the thing she resents most about T1D is that it … Continue reading


Today was Madeline’s arrival day at the Clara Barton Camp. This is her first camp experience. She’ll be there for five days. Five glorious days. Five days in which to make new, and possibly life-long, friends. Five days in which to hone existing diabetes management skills. Five days in which to learn new D-management skills. … Continue reading


Since Madeline was diagnosed, she has been described as “insulin resistant.” In the first months, her endocrinologist told me that he had never seen a child her age need as much insulin as she did. And while she has steadily needed less insulin over time, that pesky resistance issue comes back with regular frequency, and … Continue reading

growing summer

For Madeline, this is a summer of firsts. Sleepover She had her very first sleep-over last weekend. Madeline and three other girls spent the night camping out in a tent by the lake at the home of dear friends of ours, in celebration of their daughter’s birthday. From a T1D perspective, it went well, even … Continue reading

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