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We’ve dabbled in advocacy here and there in the past three years. Our larger-scale efforts, such as trying to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation through the participation in annual Walk for Diabetes events, have been unsuccessful as we have never been able to garner the kind of financial support or “walk presence” … Continue reading

near miss

We spent the evening at our local fair, a hot air balloon festival complete with midway, games and fair food. Excitement pumped through Madeline as she rode ride after spinning, flying ride. We took a break for a while, to indulge in some fair food. I tested her BG and found it to be, surprisingly, … Continue reading

so long, farewell…

Dear Animas, We are through. Through. After three long years, our relationship has soured to the point where I’m cutting you loose. Why, you ask? Of course you would ask that, given how much money you must earn from my daughter’s medical needs. I was happy with you in those first few months. You’re billing … Continue reading

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