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i’ve got big boluses and i cannot lie

Oh. My. Gawd. Janice is wreaking havoc on Madeline’s body. Puberty’s effect on a diabetic is no joke, people. The carb¬†ratio is now 1:5.¬† That’s 1 unit of insulin for every 5 carbs eaten. So basically we’ve reached the point where there are no more “free” foods. Plus, I find myself padding the carb total … Continue reading

6th Annual Diabetes Blog Week: May 17

Continuing connections. The Diabetes Online Community (DOC) is a huge community of people writing incredible stories and sharing valuable information that, frankly, keeps many of us living with diabetes afloat. When I need opinions, when I want the low-down, when I’m looking for kinda-sorta-same-as-us, it’s to the DOC that I turn.  On my blog I … Continue reading

6th Annual Diabetes Blog Week: May 16

Favorites and motivations. I’ve been writing this blog, off and on, for more than four years. I’m a writer by nature, but I’ve always used writing more as a method of working out my thoughts and emotions, rather than as a strategy for connecting with others or telling a story. Before Madeline was diagnosed, I … Continue reading

6th Annual diabetes Blog Week: May 15

Good eats. Clean eating is a daily goal in our family. It’s a challenge every day, particularly when trying to balance the needs and schedules of 5 people. Here’s what we consume on a daily basis: Raw milk and other dairy from grass-fed cows Eggs from pastured chickens Meats from pastured animals Gluten-free grains  Lots … Continue reading

6th Annual Diabetes Blog Week: May 14

Changes. Life with T1D is, at its core, a life requiring constant adjustment and adaptation. Change is inevitable and fighting against it is, I’ve found, a miserable waste of energy. Every single day, there are changes to be managed. Infusion set changes. Basal program changes. Insulin-to-carb ratio changes. Correction factor changes. Adjustments in carb consumption. … Continue reading

6th Annual Diabetes Blog Week: May 13

Clean it out.  T1D has a way of saddling a person with baggage. Piles upon piles of bits and bobs that, over time, weigh down the body, mind and spirit. It’s an active effort to manage that pile, let me tell you. Paring it down, prioritizing what’s needed and discarding what’s not worthy are not … Continue reading

6th Annual Diabetes Blog Week: May 12

Though I (sometimes) blog, I’m far from an open book. What do I keep to myself? Observations about how diabetes has affected my family’s relationships. Information about how diabetes affects Madeline in certain, sensitive ways. Reflections about the isolating effects of diabetes. Frustrations about the world of JDRF. Maybe someday. But not now.

6th Annual Diabetes Blog Week: May 11

I can. When this all started, when Madeline was diagnosed with T1D, I was completely overwhelmed with the fact that I could not take it away from her, that I could not fix it. I was terrified that I could not learn what needed to be learned in order to make diabetes a passenger–not the … Continue reading

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