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nailed it

Over here in our corner of diabetes land, we’ve been nailing it like no one’s business. Like this:

1. We’re visiting family in central Maine, about 5 hours from home. The Verio Sync starts to run low on juice. No problem, just plug her in for a recharge. Except, there’s no charger. 

So I buy a new Verio meter, just to get the charger. You know, to join the two others we already own. With their chargers at home. Nailed it!

2. We’re testing like mad as we just started up our new Dexcom and were trying to sync up on the calibration. Test, test, test. Eat carbs, test and bolus. Test some more.

It’s 10 p.m. and we’re testing at bedtime. Two strips left? No problem! Crack open a new vial. Except, there’s no vial. 

So we hobble through the night, hoping Dex is accurate enough to help us decide when to use those two.precious.strips. At 8:00 a.m. I’m out the door to the local Rite Aid, where I plunk down $86.49 for a 50-strip vial. You know, to join the three-month supply we already have. At home. Nailed it!


And now, for something completely different. 

Recently there’s been lots of drama in one of the T1D groups on Facebook. Stuff about how people are celebrating when their child scores a glucose level in the low 100’s. Something else about people posting pics of their kids in the hospital, or with a rash, or some sort of other medical issue. Apparently all these posts were offensive or making people feel badly, or whatever. So a person gets kicked out if they engage in these behaviors. 

I happen to think that getting a BG of 100 here or there is, in fact, something to celebrate. It happens so rarely, and is so elusive, that when it shows up it should be a happy moment. It doesn’t make me feel like a loser D-mom to see someone else’s kid having an awesome BG. It doesn’t offend me when folks ask for good thoughts when their kid visits the ER for a IV. Pfffff. So I left that group. 

All this is to say, the picture you see below is not intended to make you feel like shit, or insult your D-management skills, or make you think I’ve figured out the magic required to have a spell of regulated BGs. It’s to marvel in the fact that Maddy, who needs over 125 units of insulin a day to remain under 200, stumbled on a nice flow for a few hours. How? I have no idea, really. All I know is, we nailed it! for a few hours. I’m happy about that and I’m not going to apologize for it. 



About Heather Garcia Queen

I am… a mother of 3 spectacular children. A wife of an architect extraordinaire. An MSW. A psychologist in an elementary school. A (wishful) writer. A protector of family and spirit. A worshipper of the natural world. A seeker of knowledge. A lover of the arts. An introvert. A silver-lining kind of girl.


2 thoughts on “nailed it

  1. Sad when you can’t celebrate the little things. I belong to a group where people regularly post their 100 pictures on the fb group, and everybody cheers them on. That’s how it should be. Congrats on a good day!

    Posted by Joanne | 07/01/2015, 5:15 pm

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