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CGM reality

I’ve been selfish lately, and I’m feeling guilty about it. About a month ago, we dove into the deep end, entering the world of continuous glucose monitoring. It took some time to shuffle paperwork and process the order, but everything was approved and we started live about three weeks ago. I fell in love with … Continue reading


Madeline and I attended our first Friends for Life conference last week, sponsored by the Children with Diabetes organization. FFL is an annual international conference that offers opportunities for children and families living with diabetes to gather for the purpose of learning, sharing, laughing and growing.  being in Orlando in July is another tale… but … Continue reading

communication breakdown

Earlier this week, one company’s disgusting social media blunder ignited fierce and passionate responses from many, including those in the diabetes community. Sure, CrossFit didn’t use sound judgment or tact when making its Twitter proclamation. Later, it clarified that the meme was referencing type 2 diabetes—as though somehow that made its content more acceptable. In … Continue reading

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