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layman’s advocacy

You’d think, parenting a child with Type 1 Diabetes, that I would be all.over. any opportunity to raise public awareness about T1D, the need for continued research to improve disease-management technology, and the need to find a cure. November comes around… National Diabetes Awareness Month. November 14 comes and goes…World Diabetes Day. Yet, there’s nothing … Continue reading


We’ve dabbled in advocacy here and there in the past three years. Our larger-scale efforts, such as trying to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation through the participation in annual Walk for Diabetes events, have been unsuccessful as we have never been able to garner the kind of financial support or “walk presence” … Continue reading

(don’t) make a wish

Recently, I submitted an email inquiry to my state chapter of the Make A Wish Foundation. I greatly admire its work, but had never considered the possibility that Madeline might actually be eligible to receive a Wish. After a conversation with a friend, though, I began to dig around for some information. When I visited … Continue reading


November is Diabetes Awareness Month. People of all means and circumstance are embracing this opportunity to educate others and advocate for awareness. I admit that I almost bailed out this time. Perhaps I have a touch of advocacy burnout. Perhaps I’m worn thin by the incessant demands of this disease and am grappling for any … Continue reading

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