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CGM reality

I’ve been selfish lately, and I’m feeling guilty about it. About a month ago, we dove into the deep end, entering the world of continuous glucose monitoring. It took some time to shuffle paperwork and process the order, but everything was approved and we started live about three weeks ago. I fell in love with … Continue reading

what’s new?

I’m trying to persuade Madeline to consider wearing a CGM. So far, no luck. Hurricane Sandy is slowly descending upon us. And she brought BG levels in the 400s. And has seemingly turned the insulin into water. Tea tree cream works well to heal prickled fingertips and toes. I’m taking the advise of many wise … Continue reading

3rd annual diabetes blog week: may 17

For Thursday, the topic of the 3rd Annual Diabetes Blog Week is “Fantasy Diabetes Device.” What thing would I love to have, that would help me manage Madeline’s T1 better? What would she like to have? Madeline’s fantasy diabetes device: “A thing that would make my pancreas work again. I would put it in my … Continue reading

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