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CGM reality

I’ve been selfish lately, and I’m feeling guilty about it. About a month ago, we dove into the deep end, entering the world of continuous glucose monitoring. It took some time to shuffle paperwork and process the order, but everything was approved and we started live about three weeks ago. I fell in love with … Continue reading

can not

You can let your child eat whatever she wants, just cover it with insulin. Can I really do that? I’m aware of the academic difference between “can” and “should.” To me, though, “can” implies that there is an authentic choice to be made, and that no outcome of that choice is likely to cause serious … Continue reading

on health (part two)

If you read my previous post on health (on health, part one), you may have detected a theme: control, control, control. In so many ways the courses of our lives are affected by factors outside our control or influence (not always a bad thing!), but we still have choices. My choices are within my control.  … Continue reading

on health (part one)

Readers beware: I’m gettin’ up on my soapbox for a while. It is an understatement to say that I am concerned about health: that of mine, of my husband, of my family and friends, and most importantly, of my children. This is likely a perfectly “normal” concern of most people, though for me, it stems … Continue reading

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