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WEGO Health’s National Health Blog Post Month: November 20

I’ve missed a few posts in the WEGO Health’s National Health Blog Post Month. Writing, for me, is a luxury as much as it is a necessity. When time is short, writing is one of the many things I have to sacrifice. Now that I have a few days off, and especially given that we … Continue reading

WEGO Health’s National Health Blog Month: November 8

November 8: Write a letter to your health Dear Health, I have known too many people who have lost their lives through their direct neglect of you. In the lives of others I know and love, you are compromised, not because of an intentional neglect of you, but because you’ve been undermined by the negative … Continue reading

WEGO Health’s National Health Blog Month: November 5

Today’s topic: write about 3 things for which you are thankful. Today has not been a good day. November is generally a scourge in my life, and yet again has proven itself as such this year. Its one redeeming quality: the overt expectation of gratitude. 1. I’m thankful that the people that I love have … Continue reading

3rd annual diabetes blog week: may 14

Today’s topic for the 3rd Annual Diabetes Blog Week is “Find a Friend”—the idea being that we often forge new bonds and friendships with people who blog as part of the Diabetes Online Community, and that we should share them with others. When Madeline was first diagnosed, I spent hours online researching information about T1 … Continue reading

on health (part two)

If you read my previous post on health (on health, part one), you may have detected a theme: control, control, control. In so many ways the courses of our lives are affected by factors outside our control or influence (not always a bad thing!), but we still have choices. My choices are within my control.  … Continue reading

on health (part one)

Readers beware: I’m gettin’ up on my soapbox for a while. It is an understatement to say that I am concerned about health: that of mine, of my husband, of my family and friends, and most importantly, of my children. This is likely a perfectly “normal” concern of most people, though for me, it stems … Continue reading

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