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tech wishes

Over the time that Madeline has had T1, I have found myself slowly accumulating a wish list of technological interventions that would make my life easier as her Chief Pancreatic Officer. Yesterday was the perfect storm, a convergence of circumstances that provided real-time justifications for the kinds of tech wishes on my list. Now, perhaps … Continue reading

Houston, we have a (sensory) problem…

Madeline has a sensory integration disorder affecting her oral, tactile and vestibular systems. When I pay attention to her development, I can see clearly that it emerged during her infancy. She loved to be “thrown” backward while seated on my lap, leaving her hanging upside down. When I would not accommodate this need, she figured … Continue reading

welcome, hazel

Hope has arrived at my doorstep. Many of you know her as the Animas Ping, though Madeline has named her Hazel. She is Maddy’s new insulin pump. The process of obtaining Hazel was lengthier than I had expected. Delayed by staff vacations and insurance company hemming-and-hawing, her arrival seemed a million days off. And… a … Continue reading

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