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Adopting a nutrient-dense approach to daily nutrition has been a daunting task. But with the presence of type 1 diabetes, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), adenomyosis, gluten sensitivity, psoriasis and eczema on board in our household (not to mention the looming potential for cancer, type 2 diabetes and other unsavory autoimmune conditions), making substantial changes to … Continue reading

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You can let your child eat whatever she wants, just cover it with insulin. Can I really do that? I’m aware of the academic difference between “can” and “should.” To me, though, “can” implies that there is an authentic choice to be made, and that no outcome of that choice is likely to cause serious … Continue reading

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In the time since Madeline was diagnosed with T1D, I’ve been given countless nuggets of advice and opinions about the endless array of issues related to living with this disease. Turns out, these opinions and bits of wisdom are commonly held, as I’ve seen them repeatedly shared across the T1D landscape: on social media, in … Continue reading

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