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You’d think, parenting a child with Type 1 Diabetes, that I would be all.over. any opportunity to raise public awareness about T1D, the need for continued research to improve disease-management technology, and the need to find a cure.

November comes around… National Diabetes Awareness Month. November 14 comes and goes…World Diabetes Day. Yet, there’s nothing on my blog. Nothing on my Facebook page. It’s quiet… and some might wonder if I care about advocacy at all.

The truth is, I advocate every single day on my daughter’s behalf. I just don’t do it in public, most of the time. I advocate when I haggle with the insurance company about increasing her Novolog prescription because puberty has increased her insulin needs by 40% on a daily basis. I advocate when I argue with Animas about increasing the order for insulin pump supplies, because she is burning through sets and cartridges every two days. I advocate with her school to ensure that she can stay after school to participate in an extracurricular program, even though the nurse has gone home. <My daughter’s school rocks, just sayin’.> And most of all, I’m trying to teach her to advocate for herself. She just submitted her application to JDRF for the 2015 Children’s Congress, so I suppose the lesson is slowly sinking in.

This is what we can do. It’s not all billboards and banners, but…quiet advocacy is better than none at all.


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